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Connections Matter

Science tells us that connections matter. We need to build positive connections, stable foundations, and supportive communities so children and families can thrive.

Every day, we have new opportunities to make positive, supportive connections with people around us. Reaching out to family, friends, and out community, we can build a healthier future for everyone.

Tips to Build A Connection

  • Schedule a training for your business or group on understanding adversity, resilience, and how to build a connection with youth

  • Let your elected officials and community leaders know that you support family-friendly policies that reduce caregiver stress.

  • Learn about the six protective factors that protect children and families. Think about how you can strengthen these factors for the children and families in Goodhue County.

  • Check out our tips for connecting with youth!

  • Donate to local organizations and schools that help families and children thrive.

  • Learn what it means to have Upstream Solutions to preventing childhood adversity. 

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